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Let role with Yaya magic clown

We will provide you with not just another party  but an extra special one and never to bee forgotten. We are expert in handling, outstanding event that will definitely leave wonderful memories and truly unforgettable experience to you

review from our costumer


fasha sandar

"Thank You Yaya, tetamu yang datang semua terhibur. budak budak ngan orang dewasa, dierang bagi 5 bintang kat party i. thank you yee"

2232 (1)

johan raja lawak n ozlyn

"fuh dia ni memang hebat, maskot ,clown, decoration sume boleh serah kat depa ni.. harga memang berbaloi"

nabil (1)

Nabil Raja Lawak

"Terbaik bro yaya... meriah meriah meriah. jumpa lagi next year. Thank you to clown and mascots for entertaind the kids"

aara (1)


"Assalamualaikum uncle yaya.. Thank you for comming to my Birthday Party"

yaya magic clown Team

yaya magic clown

founder of yaya magic clown team

A magician that has been doing comedy magic show since the age of 16. Yaya magic clown won't give you any slack, so you will have to book yaya magic clown today.

mr jaja magic clown

crazy clown in town

"if you want something hyper funky non stop entertainment's at your party, why wait? Once you see Mr Jaja the clown performance, you 'll never see clowns in the same way again. Ever"

mr jaja

mr zaza magic clown

he is thin but funny

A clown that have an experience over than 10 years 

mr wawa the builder

i'm look stupid but i,m your best friend

My name is Mr wawa.. Or you can call me Wawa The Builder. Yes i'm the builder because i always fix and build so much fun in every party. more than 5 year experience  in clowning

mr haha magic clown

naughty but good against children


mr gaga magic clown

your time is my time


mr fafa the clown

i love to sleep. i like to be frog


mr kaka the clown

look at me, i look at you back

mr baba the clown

your time is my time


let get the best clown in town now

we will give you an amazing experience. we are willing to give you the best service. let your ceremony be a lasting memory

"Comedy is a finest drug, laughter is the best medicine ."

Yaya Magic Clown

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